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Tasting the best uzbek wines in Bukhara  

Tasting the best uzbek wines in the Bukhara

In the caravanserai, in the center of old Bukhara in two small cozy tasting Uzbek wines.
The host cells vnogo years working at the Bukhara winery. He hereditary taster, his wife - known taster of the republic, its productive activity is awarded a gold medal named after Lev Golitsyn.

The benefits of wine have written many prominent people, as Avicenna emphasized that red wine improves the mental faculties of man.

1. "Cabernet" - Dry red wine."Omar Khayyam" (Cabernet) - dry red wine. Withstand three years in lubovoy enamelware canister with lid. Oak supplied from Spain, Armenia. Uses grape variety "Cabernet" and "Saperavi. This wine acidity and sweetness complement each other.

Improves blood circulation, reduces the radioactivity in the body, so it is recommended to use the atomic elktrostantsy workers, astronauts. Improves blood circulation of the brain. Omar Khayyam wrote that cabernet makes women strong, and excites men.

3. "Thousand and One Nights" - semi-sweet wine, the fortress 11.5 degrees, the sugar content - 3% amber color. You can apply it to any dish, called it "ladies" wine. Contains no concentrates, additives. Sugar, too, do not add. 3% - a residual sugar content.

4. Muscat - Fortress 16% of sugar contains 20% is considered "grape honey". Endure 5 years. Since ancient times, these wines are famous. Do in Samarkand, Bukhara. Tastefully nutmeg, although it did not add to the wine. In the local dialect known as "atir uzum. Wine boiled and added to the wine.

Sweet vintage wine can be added to cakes. It is also called "Shakar Teal" language after its use becomes sweet. Avicenna wrote that after drinking this wine speaks a language only "sweet words of love and acceptance. Helps with catarrhal diseases. Kernels are muscat grapes oily, they are used in cosmetics, in space (in technology), freezes only at 300 degrees below zero.

4. "Porto" (Bukhara - "Magarazh") - a variety of white wine. For its production come grapes "Husseini", "Teufen", "white raisins". Bukhara winery supplies raw materials (juice) in Tashkent, where a research institute named Schrader produced this wine. Called "brandy for women," like Spanish "Sherry" and Portuguese "port".

5. "Cahors" - dry wine, good thirst quencher, and enriches the body. To make this wine uses only one type of grape, Georgian, Saperavi. Cahors wine is a useful and beautiful. It is also called "Easter", "spiritual" wine. By request of the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov Uzbekistan delivers it to the capital

Increases immunity useful rozhennitsam. Wine dense, very rich, it captured the tone currant jam. Each wine its charm. Grapes and wine produced from it - the product
areas where it grows. Climate, soil, water for irrigation - all this affects the final product - wine.

6. "Dzhilvan" - dry red wine. Fortress - 12-13 degrees.

7. Riesling- dry wine. Fortress - 11 degrees. For manufacturing use grapes "accordion-width", "rikatseteli. No sugar. Very useful for diabetics. 30 minutes before a meal should drink 1 glass. Wine is the aroma of wild flowers.

Tasting - this way, the road to eat. Among the tasters a lot of long-livers, they differ enviable health.

Cost of wine tasting - $ _ per person