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Demostration of cooking pilau on the bonfire  
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Demostration of cooking pilaf on the bonfire

Demostration of cooking pilau on the bonfireEvery nation has its favorite dish, which is the pride of the national cuisine. In Uzbekistan such dish is pilaf. Every region of Uzbekistan has own way of cooking pilaf, but everywhere it is considered the chief ornament of the table.

Served on a platter flavoured delicious pilaf gathers whole family at the table, unified them, because it is not interesting at all to eat pilaf alone from a small plate.

What delicious salads are served with it. These are radishes with pomegranate, soup with fresh herbs, prepared on sour milk, salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, spicy salad of carrots ..

The dish has attention value. It is cooked at weddings and funeral repasts. At these events large 60 - 100 kilogram boilers are placed rightly on the bonfire and the dish is cooked.

In the East the pilaf is regarded with throb. It is believed that the remnants of the dish should not be thrown away. They should be given to the animals as food. Each housewife has its own secrets of cooking pilaf. But the basic components of products fot its preparation have not changed, These basic components are vegetable oil, meat (beef, lamb), carrots, rice, spices.

On tour to Uzbekistan, we invite you to participate in the process of cooking Bukhara pilau. An amazing aura of an ancient building of Said Kamol madrasah , which will take you back a few centuries ago, the night sky without a single cloud, dotted with stars - all this atmosphere make you, without fail, to adjust to the desire to see how the most popular Uzbek dish is prepared...

Dinner Menu:

  • pilaf
  • chakka (pappy yoghurt)
  • salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers
  • salad of eggplant
  • salad of cabbage
  • somsa (with meat or pumpkin)
  • fresh fruits and watermelon
  • red dry wine (1 bottle per two person)
  • bread (uzbek flat bread)
  • tea (black or green)
  • mineral water