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References from our tourists

Russian references by 2004-2014 years

Date: June 10 2015

Dear Sharif Shukur

As-Salam Alaykum!
How are you?

I just wanted to say thank you for arranging my tour in Uzbekistan! I really had a good time. All hotels I stayed were good, especially Amulet hotel. I really loved this hotel! The room was not big but, so cozy and clean. And it was so nice to have breakfast outside. When I go to Uzbekistan again, definitely stay there!

If any of my friends are interested in going to Uzbekistan, I will recommend your company.



Date: May 01 2015

Sharif & Aygul

Our group had a fantastic trip. I wish to journey myself again at some point, IA next year 2016. I will be in touch in due course.

Take good care and convey my salaams to dad and the wider family.

Nizam Ismail, Manchester

Date: March 29 2014

I am home now. Thank you
Overall my trip was very good. Thank you.

Uzbekistan is very good. I fell in love with that place. Very nice people.
I am hoping to come back again next year.

Kind regards,
Tahseen Shah,


Date: July 11 2013

Dear Mrs. Djuraeva,

The thoroughly enjoyable Samarkand & Bukhara trip that your company arranged for Mrs. Xinmin Zhao and myself 25–28 June left many good memories for both of us.

One of them is the the excellent guiding we had in Samarkand from Aleksandr, the Russian architect, painter and English teacher. We had many interesting discussions about photography and art in general, and now I would very much like to send him a few photos from our sightseeing in Samarkand...

Kind regards,

Joachim Smith

Date: September 26 2008

Dear Ravil. Thank you for your interest in our well-being. I want to emphasize right now that we have returned to Israel happy and satisfied from the trip to Uzbekistan organized and planned by you and Mrs. Clara. We want to raise a few comments and suggestions for the future .

1) The driver Chikmat an excellent human being that has done his job in a superior way. The only disadvantage was that we could not communicate with him because of the lack of his control of the English language. This raised some difficulties along the way.

2 ) The guides in Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, Sharisbasz, and Tashkent were very helpful and we enjoyed their explanation, and they have added a lot of knowledge on the history and the current situation in Uzbekistan. We have to point out Diana and Galla for the quality of their work. Noila was also very knowlagable.

3) The guide for the trip to Chimigan and Chervak was not as good. We drove about  2 hours to the cable car to find out that it does not work. This could be checked before

4) Hotels- All were very good and located in excellent places.

5) The delay in the Tashkent-Organge flight was not expected and does not depend on Tashrif. I think that although we are regular travelers and know how to check in to the flight, we should not be left alone at the airport.!! The driver has to check out the flight time and that boarding passes were obtained by the passengers and then leave.

6) Although we gave up on the issue of the Visa support, we urge you to check why we have to pay twice for the visa support?

Please take into consideration our comments, and send our regards to Klara and her bloveley Son.

We will recommend Tashrif tours to all our friends that are planning to travel in Uzbekistan

The Katzins and Gedankens from Israel 

Date: October 17 2008

Dear Aygul,

It has been a long time since I wrote a letter to shukhrat, unfortunately I did not receive reply, may be he did not receive my letter.
I have been busy for quite a while after I came back from the tour, I needed free time to write to you.

Please give our heartfelt and sincere thanks to Habib, your mum and shukhrat firstly, for making our tour possible and very comfortable.
We would especially like to thank Habib who looked after us like his own family. And your mom Clara made us felt like we were in our homes. Beacuse of our different life style Habib, mom and Shukhrat stayed awake till late to provide all kinds of facilities at your hotel. We were looked after really well through our tour and I will recommend all my freinds to travel with Tashrif Tours. Regarding the guide we wish it was someone else with us, although Rustam was very helpful and made every effort to make us comfortable, unfortunately we we could not bond with him like we did with Habib.
We absolutely loved Uzbekistan and wish to come several times in the future. We found the country very beautiful especially the Islamic shrines, historical buildings and the landscape. The people are very freindly, helpful and made us feel invited where ever we went.
We were very impressed by the work carried out by the President Mr Karimov, who is taking special interest in building all the shrines again like it was in its past and developing the country. I think in the next 10 to 15 years uzbekistan will be one of the most developed country in the world.
I hope that Habib and Clara will have us at their hotel when we come back again in the future. Please tell Habib to give my salam to my mother at Kazi Urda .

Thanking All at Tashrif Tours
Munaf Patel

58 Field Squadron (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
33 Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
Carver Barracks, Wimbish, SAFFRON WALDEN,

Telephone: 01223 203658 (GPTN 94659-3658)
Fax: 01233 203765 (GPTN 94659-3765)
    : Date: November 02 2004

Captain Michael Jenkins, Royal Engineers, would like to thank you and your travel agency “Tashrif Tours” for your very kind hospitality during my stay at your hotel when I visited Bukhara recently.

It was a very great privilege for me to be able to stay at your magnificent hotel “Amulet” and to be treated to such exquisite Uzbekistan cuisine. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and also to meet Abdul Aziz, a wonderful small man..!!

Andrea and Larissa looked after me marvelously whilst I was in Bukhara and my visit to such an historic city will forever remain with me.

I do hope to meet up with you all again in May and October 2005 when I visit again as part of the Great Game Challenge. You should all be very proud of your hotel, your wonderful kindness, and your magnificent city..!!

If I can ever be of any assistance to you in England, please let me know.

Yours sincerely


International Asian Powerlifting Championship 2000, 2004.


Subratta Dutta
Asian Powerlifting Federation
9/3. Meptaratar Apartment
Bd 'M' Road Bistupair
Jamshedpur 851001 India
Date 13 May 2000.

To: Mrs Klara
Tourist Agency «Tashrif Tours»
Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Fax No: 998 65 226 03 80

Dear Klara,

Thank you very much for your hard work from the receiving of our team at Tashkent Air Port to till departure for Delhi.

All of our team members enjoyed your association during their visit at Tashkent and Zarafshan.

We have also benefited for your timely suggestion for tour and guide for shopping, accommodation, transportation matter etc.

In future whenever we visit to Uzbekistan we wish to have service of Tashrif Tours & especially from you.

Thanking you,

Your sincerely,

Subratta Dutta
Hony. Genl. Secretary