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Brook near the house
In the garden
Sentyab in autumn
Mystery Lake Fazilman
Room for guests
Summer kitchen. Meals are cooked in a clay oven (Tandoor) on firewood
A tiny brook in the garden

Sentyab village>>>

Guest house of Gulmurod Zarifullaev

The cost of accommodation in USD:

Price per person per night
Included in price: breakfast
Additional services:
Lunch or dinner (per person)
Picnic, Tea Party on the nature (per person)
Rent a horse for 1 day (for 2 horses - 1 guide)
Rent a donkey for 1 day with a guide
Local guide - half day



Guest house of Gulmurod Zarifullaev in the village Sentyab is the ideal starting point for more complex trips, one of which is a walk to the lake Fazilman, situated on top of the mountain plateau.

Charming beauty of the lake on the background of snow-capped Nurata mountains in early spring and autumn, and on the background of green meadows in spring and summer, do not fail to impress any visitor.

This place is ideal for camping, especially in spring and autumn.

Be careful, while walking you can see the huge birds of prey such as: golden eagle, bald or bearded vulture.

Among the other sights of this area there can be mentioned the ancient ruins, mosques, petroglyphs, numerous valleys of mountain rivers and much, much more.

At the request of tourists almost all the walks can be replaced by horse or walking on a donkey.

Alternatively, in Sentyab the tourists can simply sit under the walnut tree, drinking tea, read a favorite book, write a postcard to the family and reflect on the impressions of their trip to Uzbekistan.

Owner: Gulmurod Zarifullaev


Sentyab village

  • outside shower and rural toilet in the courtyard