A trestle-bed for resting in the courtyard
The hostess is engaged in needlework
Domestic goats
Guest room
A place to relax in the garden
A brook

Asraf village:

Guest house of Bobojon Kazokov

The cost of accommodation in USD:

Price per person per night
Included in price: breakfast
Additional services:
Lunch or dinner (per person)
Picnic, Tea Party on the nature (per person)
Rent a horse for 1 day (for 2 horses - 1 guide)
Rent a donkey for 1 day with a guide
Local guide - half day



Guesthouse of Bobojon Kazokov in Asraf is the first guest house in this village.

The tourism potential of this village is rich in natural and historical resources.

The house is located in a mountainous area. Through the courtyard a tiny brook flows, which origins high in the mountains

The guesthouse of Bobojon Kozokov can serve up to 8 persons.

Sons of Bobojon Kozokov can offer the services of guides on the territory of the village, to tell about the history of the village, the traditions of the local population and much more.

Owner: Bobojon Kozokov


Asraf village

  • outside shower and rural toilet in the courtyard