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Mountain village - Ukhum
Traditional water mill
In the garden
Guest house
Proud inhabitant of the mountains

Ukhum village:

Guest house of Bahrom Kasimov

The cost of accommodation in USD:

Price per person per night
Included in price: breakfast
Additional services:
Lunch or dinner (per person)
Picnic, Tea Party on the nature (per person)
Rent a horse for 1 day (for 2 horses - 1 guide)
Rent a donkey for 1 day with a guide
Local guide - half day



The owner of the guesthouse - Bahrom Kasimov - is very cheerful man with incredible charisma. He always entertained the guests with jokes and stories from the life of the local population.

Here tourists will have a unique opportunity to plunge into the daily lives of local people and get acquainted with the real life of Tajik people.

In the evening at home there can be arranged folk performances.

The house is situated near a small river, the water is set in motion the mechanism of traditional water mill.

In this guest house up to eight guests can stay in, and if they wish they may sleep in a traditional house or on the bed in the garden.

Simple hiking trails in this village will lead the tourists to the ruins of ancient settlements, some of the old mosques and petroglyphs.

Master of the house Bahrom will acquaint with pleasure the tourists with the secrets of riding on a donkey.

Hosts: Bahram Kasimov, Jumagul Kasimova.



Ukhum village

  • outside shower and rural toilet in the courtyard