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Guest house of Shodiboy Boboyev
Clay ovens (tandoor) for baking round cakes and preparing food
Children in Sentyab
A tiny brook in the garden
Guest room
A tiny brook in the garden

Sentyab village>>>

Guest house of Shodiboy Boboyev

The cost of accommodation in USD:

Price per person per night
Included in price: breakfast
Additional services:
Lunch or dinner (per person)
Picnic, Tea Party on the nature (per person)
Rent a horse for 1 day (for 2 horses - 1 guide)
Rent a donkey for 1 day with a guide
Local guide - half day



Guest house in the village Sentyab was founded on initiative of a local resident Shodiboy Boboyev.

The owner of the guesthouse works in a secondary school as a teacher of geography.

The guest house has two living rooms for the reception 7 guests.

There is a wide garden with flowing a brook therein. It is a wonderful place to relax in a summer day.

Sentyab village is rich in natural and climatic resources and also in historical and architectural monuments.

Shodiboy is also a good guide, a guide who knows the terrain, which owns the Uzbek and Tajik languages.

Owner: Shodiboy Boboyev


Sentyab village

  • outside shower and rural toilet in the courtyard