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Ecological and ethnographic tourism in the territory of Nuratau-Kyzylkum Biosphere Reserve

Terms of active rest

Mountain Nuratau has a geographical location, which is favorable for the development of tourism activities. Remoteness from major cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent is about 3-4 hours away by car.

Nearby, about 1,5 hours journey, there is "Yurt Camp" along Aydarkul Lake. The yurta camp is popular among tourists.

Mountain Nuratau perfectly well suited for contrasting tourist programs, including visits to the tourists' favorite city tours. and familiarization tourists to the rural life in Tajik villages of Uzbekistan.

Nurata mountains can also be seen as the purpose of travel for the weekend for tourists from nearby cities.

The rural community of Tajiks, living in traditional mud buildings along the valleys of Nurata Mountains, offers good terms for active rest.

The native population have not been visited by Western tourists untill now, but welcome foreign visitors very warmly. All tourists, who visited guest houses, have got a good impression about them.


Distinctive way of life of local people offers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with ancient handicraft and feel a part of Tajik mountaineers' daily life.

Visit the ancient water mill, silk farms, or the manufacturer of traditional musical instruments - this is one of the many possibilities of tourism offers, workable in the territory.

In guesthouses of Nurata mountains tourists will be able to observe and participate directly in the spinning, weaving or production of colorful felt carpets.


In spring and autumn holidays have become one of the components of rural life. Carrying out at special occasions, such as weddings or Navruz, fascinating game of horsemen "kup - kary" is the highlight of the program not only for visiting guests.

Uzbek name of "kup - kary" ("issue of many people") is "Ulak". In Russian the game is called "kozlodranie".

"Kup-kary" is the most common form of equestrian sport, not only of Tajiks and Uzbeks, but also of other neighboring peoples - Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Afghans, Karakalpaks and Turkmens. Each calls the game on its own, but, despite some differences, the essence of is the same: to seize stuffed with salt carcass of the goat, and bring it to the finish.

The most massive "kup - kary" is carried out during the weddings. Traditionally, weddings in the country are hold mainly in late autumn (after harvest), or early spring (before the main agricultural activities). Guests come from the nearby neighborhood and distant places. Camels, horses, bulls, goats, carpets, cutting fabrics, household items and even cars are set as a prize.

How to play: the jockeys are not allowed to gallop toward the audience. Outsiders are prohibited apply to players carcass of a goat from the ground. The player can not come over a player, who bowed down. It is also forbidden to dump a horse rider, who captured the trophy, and tear the meat from the backs of the player.

Nurata mountain offers very rich variety of routes for lovers of tourism. Along with a light walk to the mountains, on foot, by horse or donkey, the diversity of the region also offers the possibility of multi-day tours of varying degrees of complexity (from light tours to tours of average complexity).

Cultural and natural monuments

Various natural and cultural monuments (ancient rock drawings - petroglyphs, ruins of fortresses, settlements, mosques, etc.), stories about the historical significance of Nuratau will leave no one indifferent.

One of the additional tourist sights of the region is the possibility of observing endemic species of sheep Severtsova , species with the smallest number of its kind.

Travel to Kyzyl Kum desert nearby Aydarkul, the opportunity of swimming in it, ride a boat complete variety of possible services on the territory.

The huge diversity of birds, inhabiting the Nuratau-Kyzylkum biosphere reserve, represents a special interest .

Those, who love watching the feathered representatives of the fauna, will receive unforgettable impressions of what they have seen, the others will be able to enjoy their singing in the gardens of guest houses.

Guest houses

On the territory of the Biosphere Reserve in order to provide tourist services in the villages Hayat, Uhum and Madjerum Farish district of Jizzakh region and in Sentyab village of Nurata district of Navoi region there were founded guesthouses.

They are located in Nurata mountainous terrain. the springs flow near guesthouses, and the orchards are watered from them. All the houses are built and equipped by national, rural technology and provided with the necessary living conditions, such as: sleeping room, outside shower, electricity, potable spring water and essential household supplies.

Owners of guest houses can offer guests different types of national dishes. With hospitable hosts tourists may engage in domestic work if they wish: bake bread in the tandoor, or prepare meals. Visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase traditional Tajik souvenir of an exciting journey.

Throughout Uzbekistan there are not many places that would give guests the best chance to get acquainted with the everyday life of local people.

After facsinating day of hiking or riding horses, taking part in domestic work or traditional handicrafts, you can take a refreshing shower. In the warmer months you can sleep in the garden on the bed and fell asleep admiring the view of the Milky Way.