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Short review of Bukhara

Bukhara is located on the lower reaches of the Zarafshan River, in the area of ancient agricultural zone. The exact time of occurrence of the city is unknown.

The climate of Bukhara is tropical, continental: summers are hot and winters are relatively warm. The average annual temperature is +15.1°C, in July (in the hottest month) +29.5°C, in January -0.6°C.

Bukhara city is divided into 2 parts: Old and New Town.
Until 1920, the territory of the Old Town was surrounded by a fortified wall (Kampir Devol), with 12 gates, built in the 16th century. Wall to some extent, protected the city from attacks.

More than 200 architectural monuments from the 10th century to the early 20th century are located in the territory of Old Town. Most of the Old Town is closed for traffic and represents a medieval eastern city with mosques, trade domes, covered bazaar, madrassah and majestic minarets. The city is almost not changed its appearance from the 16th century.

Historical buildings of Bukhara are under the protection of the government, monuments have been carefully restored. The architecture of the new center tactfully placed outside the medieval town, as if making up a dialogue between two eras. Today, newly colored domes of the Bukhara shine bright and becoming more beautiful and attractive.

The city is moving forward on its way; it is developing, becoming prettier. But at the same time continuing on the tradition by building the largest bazaar in the city, modern cultural and sports complexes, opening of a puppet theater for children and a comfortable radio house.

Bukhara is the city mostly known for light and food industries, traditional gold embroidery and weaving. Products of local masters - gold embroidered skullcaps, art panels, handbags and shoes are known far beyond the country.

The only in Uzbekistan astrakhan plant produces astrakhan lambskin of black, gray and gold colors. Bukhara Karakul is famous to the world.

Functioning silk-spinning factory, that using raw silk cocoons.

Quality Bukhara wine has won top awards in international exhibitions.

There are three institutions and one dramatic theater after the name of S. Ayni in Bukhara.

Thousands of tourists visit this ancient city to feel the wind of history and to see the living fragments of the Middle Ages.

Revival of The Great Silk Road is a strengthening of a cultural, economic and tourist communications. It is a strengthening partnership between east and west.

Bukhara has been awarded status of a City of open world, which stimulates the development of an international tourism.