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Short review of Ancient settlement of Akhsikent
Short review of Ancient settlement of Akhsikent
Short review of Ancient settlement of Akhsikent
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Ancient Khorezm:
Fortress on the wind - Ajaz-Kala

Ajaz-Kala - the site of ancient settlement of IV-II centuries B.C.

The site of ancient settlement Ajaz-Kala or the Fortress on the wind could be called a true miracle of the world. It is located in 20 kilometres to the northeast from the Toprak-kala, between moving sand of Kyzyl Kum and spurs of sacred mountains Sultan Uvajs.

The extensive site of ancient settlement on a tableland, arisen probably in IV century B.C. after five centuries, in days of Kushansky empire, was strengthened by the amazing fortress, which is located on the top of an abrupt hill with height of 60 meters. It is difficult even for a pedestrian with no luggage to overcome lifting to this hill.

Walls of Ajaz-Kala faced to four parts of the world, and the only entrance, forestalled by a smart labyrinth, is arranged from the south so that the southern wind, dominating in this region, blew dust and sweepings out from the city.

According to local legends, in days of the great distemper, when the old governor has died and there was nobody to take its place, priests have foretold to the gathered crowd, that on whose hand the liberated hunting imperial falcon sat down, that should be a new shah. But the bird sat down not on a hand, but directly on the head of a simple soldier .People drove away the falcon, but it returned on the same place again. The people crowned the soldier who personally supervised over construction of the new fortress on the hill, then ascended the throne and ruled long and fairly. For not forgetting his origin, yesterday's fighter - today's king ordered to hang up his old worn out boot on a visible place in front of his throne.

The legend indirectly confirms that new fortresses and palaces in ancient Khoresm in days of its blossoming at the next change of ruling dynasties were constructed with exclusive ease.

From top Ajaz-kala the kind on the lake Ajazkol with the same name opens, water in which so salty, as seems the covered ice crust in the summer. In the north at horizon there is hardly seen the silhouette of next fortress Kyrkkyz-Kala, where archeologists have found a amazing burial place performed  by a rite of ancient fire-worshipers - the part of a human skeleton, cleared by the sun and birds of prey, was placed in a ceramic jug - khum in the form of a female head.

Source: Informational agency "Fergana.ru"