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Sufi khonaka neighborhood Bukhara  
Bukhara quarters. Pirs (holyman graves). Wondering dervishes of Bukhara  
Seven sufies (pirs) of Bukhara  
Symbols and Inscriptions on Muslim monuments  
"Khazor Nur" (Thousand lights)  
The great sufis and holyman of Uzbekistan graves  

"Khazor Nur" (Thousand lights)

The grotto of hermit on the "kadamgokh" (place where Fatima - prophet Muhammad's daughter was staying)
"Khazor Nur" - place where first Muslims of Bukhara lived and where killed for theirs faith
Twelve tugs (wood sticks) by the holy graves of "Khazor nur" inhabitants
The mosque
Stone graves of thousand killed inhabitants of "Khazor Nur"
Twelve tugs
"Khazor Nur" hill
Holy Place