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Traveling to Uzbekistan with children

    Infants under two years of age are carried at 10 per cent of the relevant adult fare. Tickets for other children under 2 years traveling with the same adult and children from 2 to 12 years can be bought at discounts provided for by Uzbekistan Airways tariffs. Such children will have a separate seat and free baggage allowance.
    When a ticket is bought for a child and at the check-in the passenger (or a person escorting the child) shall provide to the staff of the airlines a document (a birth certificate) confirming the child’s age

    Special rules apply to children traveling alone.
Transportation of unattended children on international routes is from 5 years of age.
Children can travel alone on CIS and local routes from 7 years of age.
     Transportation of an unattended child shall be paid:
    - 100% of the normal tariff for the child of 5 to 8 years of age;
    - 75% of the normal tariff for the child of 8 to 12 years of age;
    - 100% of the normal tariff for the child older than 12 years.

     Agreement for Unattended Child Transportation, which you can receive at the departure airport.
    Please note that arrival in, departure from and transit via a country are be governed by the legislation of such country. For more detailed information, please contact the consulate of the country, which will be the arrival, transit or departure point for your child.